by Steven

Nice resources about running here!

It's is stated somewhere that you can follow a 80/20 plan with the MAF method. Just pick a time based plan and do the workouts with the MAF principle.
I follow this when we talking about the 80/20 "Foundation runs" but what about the speed work workouts from the 80/20 program? Just ignore those?

Or do you use the 80/20 only after hitting a MAF plateau?

Nicole's reply:

Hi Steven, I'm glad you like the website!

I do MAF training most of the time but when I am gearing up for a race I tend to follow one of Matt Fitzgerald's 80/20 training plans. This means that I do 80% of my training in my MAF zone and then speedwork for the remaining 20%. Of course though if you want to follow a time based training plan and substitute all runs with MAF running, that is fine too.

Phil Maffetone does in fact say that there is a place for doing some speedwork, especially if you have plateaued in your MAF training. This link might be useful to you. Reaching a MAF Plateau.

If you haven't got Matt Fitzgerald's 80/20 book, it is worth a read if you want to follow this method.

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