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Other activities whilst MAF training

Hi, I am looking to race 5km in a few months time and I have been doing the MAF running in preparation for the races. But I also do boxing circuits 3 times

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Slow improvement

I have done 10 runs in the maf method. I am 49 years old and I am supposed to stay at 126 My pace is 9:40 per km and sometimes slower Is this normal?

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Returning to runner @65

I was forced to stop running @ 55 due to heel bump. I turned to an elliptical. Now @ 65 heel completely healed, can I try running? Nicole's reply: Hi,

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Arthritis in big toe

I have been advised by my podiatrist to get a shoe with less flexible sole as I have arthritis in my big toe. I have been using asics 2000gt for years

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Stryd Footpod Review - I put it to the test in training and racing

Stryd footpod review. As a recreational runner, I've been using Stryd for a year now on both road and trail to see if I could improve my race times..

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Only starting. Four months to marathon.

Only starting. Four months to marathon. Will I have enough time to stick with programme and compete? Nicole's reply: Hi Paddy, thanks for the question.

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MAF running after one year?

Hi Nicole, I just hit my one year mark MAF running and I need advice. 1) I still have to jog/walk at 14/15 minute miles even though I have improved. I

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Heart rate too low?

My heart rate at 8 min miles is 130, I am 35 so is should run at 145 in theory. That would mean about 7:30/7:20 for me. My coach says this is too fast

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New to MAF

Hi Nicole, I am 46 years old. I just started using MAF method during my runs. It is painfully slow. It is around 11.36 per km. I am trying to maintain

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Running during a Thunderstorm and Lightning

If you get caught out and find yourself running during a thunderstorm, follow some simple rules in order to stay safe

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Is 12 weeks too short to use MAF for a 50km ultra

Hi, I have just done the Tarawera 54k ultra & have the UTA50 coming up in May. That gives me 12 weeks. Can I incorporate MAF in such a short time with

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MAF Training Diet

Hi Nicole, Do I have to watch my carbs intake with MAF training method? I started MAF training method a couple of months ago for 5 training sessions

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5 Women Runners Whose Stories you Should Read

These women runners may not all be the fastest or the fittest but they certainly are inspirational

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Knee Bursitis in Runners

Are you feeling the pain of knee bursitis? Here's what you need to know.

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Being a Slow runner has lots of benefits

A slow runner is still a runner! You can get fitter running slower than faster.

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