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Tips for Running Races

Tips for running races from pre race preparation, what to expect when you arrive, what to wear and how to enjoy it..

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What is Masters Running

Masters running and what it means in racing categories

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Salomon Lightning Jacket Review

My personal Salomon Lightning Jacket review. Is this lightweight, waterproof jacket going to suit me for my first ultra? Here's how I tested it.

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Uglow U-RAIN HYBRID jacket review and would I recommend it

I was looking for a running jacket and discovered the French brand UGLOW. Here is my Uglow U-RAIN HYBRID jacket review.

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My Best Running Books

From training to inspirational running stories, these are my best running books.

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Brilliant Ideas Runner Gifts

Bored of the same old runner gifts? These gifts for runners are going to go down a treat.

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How concerned should I be about the health effects of runner's diarrhea?

I am a relatively healthy woman in my early 50’s. I have been long-distance running for about 30 years, and I still struggle with runner’s diarrhea.

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MAF Training

I've been MAF Training for 10 months and it has been one of the best running decisions that I have ever made.

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Sabre Red Pepper Gel Review

My Sabre Red pepper gel review. As a female runner constantly scared by dogs, I decided to try out red pepper gel.

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ITB Syndrome and how to cure it fast

Don't let your ITB Syndrome pain get worse. I've suffered with it twice and here's how I healed mine.

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70 and started Park Run and doing Couch to 5K

I started running ( really walk jog) a few years ago then life just got busy and I stopped. This year as I turned 70 I decided to start again. I thought

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How to Start Running as an Older Runner

Think you’re too old to start running? Well think again. Here's how to master running in your 40s and upwards.

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How to ice an injury

How to ice an injury using what you have at home. Be careful as not all injuries should be iced. Here's why.

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I have surprised myself!

If anyone had told me, this time last year, that a year later I would have signed up to run a half marathon, I would have laughed! Like many others school

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Side Cramps While Running

Some people never get side cramps while running whilst others suffer regularly. Why do you suffer and here's how to stop it in its tracks.

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