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Do you run all runs at your MAF rate or are there different zones?

I’ve been running at my MAF rate 180-49 = 131 do I keep all my runs at this HR. I run 4 times a week and using this new method post an operation to reduce

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MAF 180 confusion - Can't reach MAF heart rate

I am 60 years old and have regularly cycled for 3 years (3-4 times a week), my MAF HR is 120 and I had an infection earlier this year so deducted 5 then

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Is MAF right for me?

I have been running for the past 4 years. I am fairly fit though recent injury means I am taking it easy. As such, it was a good time to research why

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MAF training break

Hi I have been doing MAF training for close to 9 months of base building. My HR was 137 and started at around 9.45/km and progressed to around 8.10/km.

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MAF Post Covid-19 infection

I'm 43 y.o and has been running since 2016. On early feb, i started my 3 months MAF at 137bpm. After a few weeks I can see some improvement on both of

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Is 70 too old?

I don’t want to race. I just want to run for fun. Am I too old at 70 to learn to run? What advice can you give me please? Nicole's reply Hi Rosemary

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Racing with MAF training

Good day I’m doing MAF-only training 5 days a week training for a 50 miler. Started MAF training postpartum to get back into running while staying injury

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What happens after the first X months

I am following (assiduously) a MAF plan, and staying injury-free for once! The plan is for a half-marathon and lasts 12 weeks and soon I will graduate.

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Running too fast at MAF heart rate

When I run at my targeted MAF heart rate, I am not running easy at all. In fact, I would be running at tempo pace. What should I do? Nicole's reply:

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Lost your Running Motivation? Here's how to get it back

Losing your running motivation happens to us all. Here's why and how you can get it back quickly.

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Nice resources about running here! It's is stated somewhere that you can follow a 80/20 plan with the MAF method. Just pick a time based plan and do the

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MAF for Beginners

Hi. I am a very new runner, having started only 4 months back. I used to be obese (i have lost about 32 kgs in last 14-15 months) and had basically started

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Running too slow?

I started the MAF running method a few weeks ago. I am 53 years old. I am an avid body builder who likes to add in running. My MAF max is 128. My pace

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ITB injury

Good morning , i hope you are doing good , in fact i need your help about how to get to back to running after an ITB injury , i visited a therapist

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Stryd Footpod Review - I put it to the test in training and racing

Stryd footpod review. I've been using Stryd for a year now on both road and trail to see if I could improve my race times.

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