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Stryd Footpod Review - I put it to the test in training and racing

Stryd footpod review. I've been using Stryd for a year now on both road and trail to see if I could improve my race times.

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Undertraining when MAF Training

Hi. I have been running short distance 5 -10km for about 3 years and recently increase to 21km. When i read about MAF, i m kind of reverting my running

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MAF Warm up Question

I am about 4 weeks into MAF training and am still doing lots of walking to keep under my MAF H/R which I have calculated to be 136 ( I am 49 and no injuries

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Average MAF HR

Hi, I've been training with MAF for about 2 months now. Seeing significant improvements recently around pace. I run at 126 BPM. My question is whether

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MAF and Cadence

Hi! Thank you for answering questions! I am learning more about MAF and have tried a few runs controlling my heart rate - roughly a 10:45 min mile pace.

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Feeling leg tiredness reducing the length of my runs

I have recently started running 3 months ago. I ran a mile a day for 3 weeks mostly everyday, then 1 and half miles for 3 weeks 4 or 5 times es a week.

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Do we have to do zone 5 first if beginner?

Do we have to do zone 5 first if beginner? Then up to 4 3 2 1 like that? Nicole's reply: Hi Fathi, Running zones are usually used when you are training

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Husband & Wife same age different max HRs

Hi. Both myself and my husband are 54, so roughly speaking we should run at 126HR. However, historically speaking (we’ve both done a lot of running since

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HR exceeding the MAF MAX HR once MAF MAX HR is reached.

I have never been much of a runner except in my early years, opting instead for other forms of fitness but have always admired the stamina, endurance,

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Persistent Side Stitches when Running

I've been running for over 25 years, including doing 5 marathons and countless other races. I broke two ribs five months. After recuperating for a couple

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Will MAF training work for cycling as well?

Will this work for cycling as well? Nicole's reply: Hi Denis, I am not a cyclist so can't give you my personal experience. However having said that, the

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Training Plan Recommendation

Hello, Im on my third month following the maf method. I would really appreciate if there is a training plan you can suggest as its helpful following

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Late Night Running Nutrition

Hi. I am a 36 year old endurance runner and mom of 3 little ones. I have to squeeze in a run whenever I can and what works with my schedule nowadays

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Maximum running hours in a day

I have just started running with MAF method and enjoying my runs. Before maf I use to run 4 days a week with one long run between 2hrs to 3hrs. My weekly

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How often to Run at MAF

After a 56 years of hating running I am starting to us MAF training. How often and how long should I be running for? Nicole's response: Hi Janet, thanks

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