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Hips and thighs are getting bigger

Hi, I’m a 56 Year old female who has just started running in the last couple of months. I’m finding that my hips and thighs are getting bigger instead

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Starting MAF

Hi. Am a 53 year old from India. Been running for over 15 years and just came across this method of running. I prefer trail runs, the last one where one

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Energy levels

Hi. I've been running since my 20's in the 1970's.... now in my 60's I still run 5 or 6 miles when I go out about 3 times a week. The energy levels are

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Break during MAF base building!!

I started MAF training (aerobic base building) from 1st of Jan 2021. I consistently saw improvement in my average pace from 8 min/km to 6.25 min/km. Took

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What is my MAF heart rate?

Hi, I can't seem to figure out my MAF heart rate zone. I'm 66, have been running consistently for about 35 years and am generally healthy. I'd like to

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Fat burning zone

I have been running in and off since I was a teenager, my garmin watch ( I have been wearing it for 2 years) says my fat burning zone is 123 to 130 beats

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Aerobic threshold vs MAF Heart Rate

Hi, if you know your aerobic threshold, got in a stress test, could you use it as MAF heart rate ? Thanks Nicole's reply: Thanks for the question Gerardo.

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Calf pain

Hi, just wondering if any advice available for calf pain! I always seem to injure my calfs when running. If its not the left its the right. Warm up and

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Feeling tired, should I reduce my runs?

Hi Nicole I started running in July 20 with a couch to 5K program after recovering from bowel cancer, I loved it and decided to aim for 10K and then a

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Pace calculator taking elevation into account

Out and back run. No elevation as you are at the same altitude that you started at. You have gone up a long way and down a long way though. My app gives

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Heart and Health

Hi. I have been trying to run for a few years and each time I try I have the same issue. I manage to get about one mile in before the arch in my feet starts

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How do I navigate off this plateau?

After 5 months of solid MAF training I've hit a plateau (I ran a MAF test yesterday, which was pretty conclusive). What happens now? I don't want to

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When To Replace Running Shoes and what to look for

Knowing when to replace running shoes will help stop you getting injured

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MAF long run recommendations for marathon

I wanted to know if we should emphasize miles or time on long runs I have run 18 marathons and a few IMs. I am used to running three 20+ runs when training

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Maf training with cancer

Hi Nicole, your articles are very interesting. I have recently had a left lower lobe removed due to a spread of bowel cancer. I have started to try

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