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How to Clean Running Shoes

How to clean running shoes and to get rid of smells

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HR crosses MAF MAX HR zone during incline - Upto what % of run duration this is ok?

Hi, thank you for explaining MAF in very simpler way. After reading the blog, I have started MAF. When i started, my MAF Test pace was 09'30''/Km which

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Do I have to give up all other training to do MAF?

For this method to work, do I have to give up all other forms of exercise that lift my heart rate such as strength training or cycling? I'm particularly

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Just checking.....

Hi I have been doing MAF training for almost 2 months and my times seem to be getting worse, not better. I am very happy to keep plodding along for 6

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Average Heart Rate or Peak Heart Rate

My MAF calculation is 146. Does this mean that my average heart rate for the duration of my run needs to be 146 or below? Or does MAF training mean that

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Thalassemia and heart rate

58 year old male, how do I adjust my MAF with a blood disorder? I’ve run 17 marathons and over 100 half marathons. I wanted to give this type of training

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MAF to avoid injuries

Hi i'm a 46 yo Soldier (26yr vet), and have suffered so many setbacks through injury either gym or running (tendonitis mainly). I have completely revised

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Is walking ok?

Hi There, I've just started MAF training about 3 weeks ago. I'm 40 and only took up running about a year ago starting with the Couch to 5k program. I

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Walking and hitting my MAF range, should I keep walking or walk/run?

I am 44 years old, so my MAF HR range is 126-136. However, my aerobic base seems to be very weak. I live in Taiwan and started MAF about a month ago. It

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Hips and thighs are getting bigger

Hi, I’m a 56 Year old female who has just started running in the last couple of months. I’m finding that my hips and thighs are getting bigger instead

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Running the route years later

I'm a 67 year old male, 5'9 tall and around 155 lbs... I also lift weights at my neighborhood gym. I've been running for around 40 years now. I started

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Starting MAF

Hi. Am a 53 year old from India. Been running for over 15 years and just came across this method of running. I prefer trail runs, the last one where one

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Energy levels

Hi. I've been running since my 20's in the 1970's.... now in my 60's I still run 5 or 6 miles when I go out about 3 times a week. The energy levels are

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Break during MAF base building!!

I started MAF training (aerobic base building) from 1st of Jan 2021. I consistently saw improvement in my average pace from 8 min/km to 6.25 min/km. Took

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What is my MAF heart rate?

Hi, I can't seem to figure out my MAF heart rate zone. I'm 66, have been running consistently for about 35 years and am generally healthy. I'd like to

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