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Stryd Power Meter Review - First Thoughts

Stryd power meter review from an average runner. What to expect in the first few months.

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Running Power vs Pace vs Heart Rate

Running Power vs Pace vs Heart Rate. Running power meters could well be a game changer in racing.

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Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - What you should know to stop it getting worse

I developed Achilles Tendonitis during marathon training.I managed to run the marathon but I wish I had know about Achilles tendonitis treatment beforehand.

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How to start jogging as an older runner

How to start jogging, especially as an older runner, might seem daunting or a piece of cake. Either way you need to look at several factors if you don't want to get injured.

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Running a marathon with achilles tendonitis

Running a marathon with Achilles tendonitis? I did just that. Here's how I got on and what happened afterwards.

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Effects of Caffeine on Running

The effects of caffeine on running are pretty interesting. Will that coffee shot give you the edge?

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Heart Rate During Race

I have been on MAF training for 3 months now, and my average weekly mileage is 30 - 50 km. Based on the monthly MAF test in the past 3 months, I could

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Chafing When Running

Chafing when running can happen to anyone no matter what your shape or size. Chaffing symptoms to watch out for and how to prevent them

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Heart rate goes over MAF when hiking

Thanks for your info. I can’t seem to hike without my heart rate getting over the max, the trails can be steep here. Will the hiking over max HR impede

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MAF training

Just started the MAF training. In your experience, how long did it take you before you could run consistently without walking? I need some encouragement!

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MAF Training and why it will make you run faster

I've been MAF Training for a few years now and it has been one of the best running decisions that I have ever made.

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How to Prevent Running Cramps

Find out how to prevent running cramps in your thighs, calves or hamstrings.

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How to Start Running as an Older Runner

Think you’re too old to start running? Well think again. Here's how to master running in your 40s and upwards.

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Does Running Cause Arthritis

Does running cause arthritis? Whether you already have arthritis or not, check out these studies to find out if running is bad for your joints or not.

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Knee Bursitis in Runners

Are you feeling the pain of knee bursitis? Here's what you need to know.

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