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What happens if you do MAF and Speedwork together (on separate days) that our body can sustain?

I am 55 male. I have lived sedentary life for most of my adult life and even though I have not been a perfect couch potato for most of it, I rarely stretched

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New to MAF

I am 66 and have been running, and getting slower over time, for about 20 years and have typically run about 6 miles per running day, at a pace of around

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MAF and Cardiac drift

Hi, I am Pinank Pujara from Mumbai (India) I have been doing MAF training since a month. My MAF comes to 145. I did my 30km long run at see around 4hr

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New for MAF is Heart Rate Calculation OK

I am from India, Vishwanath, I am 62 and running from last 20 years. I have run many half marathon and few marathon. I want to try MAF I have calculated

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What keeps me running??

Some 30 or 40 years ago when I was college age and running, I knew even then I'm doing a great thing. Whenever I go for a physical at my doctors office

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10 Beat Range

How important is the 10 beat range for your lower limit? In Maffetone's article he doesn't mention it at all. Nicole's reply: Hi, the thing to remember

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MAF with non-MAF runs

Hi, I'm 56 and do mainly trail runs with an ave elevation of 1500ft or more. A friend recently introduced me to MAF and I've managed to bring those runs

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Relationship between MAF pace and first threshold

Is there a clear relationship between MAF pace and the 1st threshold on a VO2max test? I've taken some V02max tests through the years, and my most recent

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Recalculate my maf

Hi I’ve been running in my MAF range 115-125 for the last year based on me being 50 and having a knee issue and no medication. However I had a birthday

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MAF Method and Muscle mass

Hi! I appreciate all the information you share here...thank you for that! I've just started to train with MAF method (as good as I understood it's about),

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Sportset Headphones Review

Sportset Headphones in the box

Sportset Headphones Review - I put these open-ear headphones to the test whilst running.

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Return to running after 36 years

I ran from 6th grade all the way through 2 years of college. Once I left school and didn't have a team to run with any longer, I just stopped! I was

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Frequency and Duration of MAF training

Sir, I am a 67 year old male marathon runner. I have been running since the last 6 years but started doing MAF training since the last 3 months. Have

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Recommend a simple reliable heart rate monitor?

I have just retired, at age 67, having walked about 9 miles each day for the last 15 years, as a postman. I last ran more than a mile about 10 years ago.

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I was absolutely amazed to find this website...and then I started reading the article without looking at the title...I kept thinking I've done so many

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