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MAF running and cycling

Hi, I am Dirk from Spain and doing MAF for running and cycling(6months) I am 58 and set my MAF after a year of injury free training at 127 I am nearly

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MAF training for early 20s

I have run maff for the last 2 years with great success, my son has now started running at age 23 but he is really struggling to run at maffetone as he

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Hitting the Proverbial Wall Much too Early

Hello I'm 59 year old male. Currently I consider myself in decent shape having been running 22-23 miles per week. For the shorter runs of 3-4 miles,

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Running at 55 years old

Is MAF training can improve my run experience as i'm 55 years old ? Nicole's reply: Hi Hanafi, thank you for your question. To reassure you, MAF training

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MAF training vs Vo2 max

I’ve been running more than 6 months without look rule MAF, always running at HR and pace above the MAF but VO2max result of around 43., now I’m trying

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MAF Technique - Walk/Run and Number of Hours

Hi, Male, 44, 250lbs. I started training for a sprint triathlon a few years ago, and increased distance every year to do a ½ IM last year. I trained hard,

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Spiked heart rate, never settled at my MAF

Hi Nicola, I have just started my journey on watching my heart rate, using MAF method. I have been running for two years and was able to comfortably run

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Embarrassing problem

55 years old male only got back to jogging after gym closure due to COVID. I am wondering if anyone experience the need to release their bowels once they

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73 year old marathoner

Is this beneficial for real old marathoners? Nicole' reply Hi, MAF training can certainly benefit older runners. However Phil Maffetone does suggest that

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Uglow U-RAIN HYBRID jacket review and would I recommend it

I was looking for a running jacket and discovered the French brand UGLOW. Here is my Uglow U-RAIN HYBRID jacket review.

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Brilliant Ideas Runner Gifts

Bored of the same old runner gifts? These gifts for runners are going to go down a treat.

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Is getting slower normal?

I have been running around my MAF HR only for 5 sessions, but I am already noticing that the times are slower? The first time I tried this, I was averaging

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Moving to running from walking

I have just began using MAF method 2 weeks ago for running but can only walk at my heart rate of 110. I am nearly 70 years old and have ran several half

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Removing the MAF correction factor

Hello I have been running for about 3 years and I did cycle to work most days so I would say that I was reasonably fit. Since lockdown I have not done

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Fasted running

Can I train whilst practicing fasted running? Ie I’m going out early morning, and I’m going straight for a run. I’ll eat when I’m home. What should I then

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