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Fartlek Intervals

How should I run my fartlek intervals? I'm a slow runner in my 50s. I run easy miles slower than my marathon pace. So do I run my fartlek intervals at

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MAF training to BQ and better

I am a 53 year old male and have been running for about 12 years. I ran my first marathon in 2016 and have run 11 so far with a best of 3:29. I have been

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Fear of shin splints

I signed up for a 10K in July because two of my daughters are doing it and it seems fun. I’m 63, and walking is easy! I also play golf and play pickleball

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Skin Cancer in Runners: Risks, Signs, and Prevention Strategies

Suncream and shoes

Explore the importance of skin safety measures to prevent skin cancer in runners, including sunscreen application, timing runs, and investing in sun-protective gear.

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Long run

I just started to run again after many years. I'm almost 70 years old in good shape. Almost 2 month's in, I run 3 times a week. I do cross training every

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Mind over Matter I started running when I was at school. I was bullied a lot, so running gave me an outlet for all those hormones & anger or I used to

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Running Marathons at 72

Im 72, running 4hr marathons. Ran my first marathon at 63. Started running to lose weight.But no its not the weight, its the fitness level that is big

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The 50 min rule

Hello I read in one of the articles that keeping my heart rate at the MAF prescribed number for 50 min in a day is really good to build the strength needed

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Can't Lift My Legs 800m Into A Race...

Today, I was running a 2 mile road race on a fairly hilly course- there were two major hills, one at the end of a large loop and one at the start of a

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MAF calculation for 60+ year olds

I'm an athlete, lean, fit 61 year old female. But a couple years ago, after going at it super hard with Nordic skiing (skate skiing in particular), I felt

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Numb/Sore Ankles

I am in my mid 40's and returning to running after a break due to injury and life. My feet were becoming numb so I loosened my laces—problem solved. But

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Can I run faster in my late 50s?

I'm a 59 year old female, occasional park runner with a time of around 38-40 minutes, which I cannot improve on. Whenever I try to run faster I struggle

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MAF or Garmin zones - Excited to try this out

Hi, I'm a 36 yr old Male & have always been very active with other sports. However, it's been years since I've run & now starting up again I've been plagued

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MAF - time on feet

I am 43 female. I have never been a consistent runner. I have taken it up from time to time over the years, but always quit because of injury, life getting

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Hill Running with MAF?

Hi! Love your page, thanks for all the good advice. I am a 54 year old male, have been doing MAF since September 2022, running approx 3 times a week. Ran

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