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Embarrassing problem

55 years old male only got back to jogging after gym closure due to COVID. I am wondering if anyone experience the need to release their bowels once they

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73 year old marathoner

Is this beneficial for real old marathoners? Nicole' reply Hi, MAF training can certainly benefit older runners. However Phil Maffetone does suggest that

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Uglow U-RAIN HYBRID jacket review and would I recommend it

I was looking for a running jacket and discovered the French brand UGLOW. Here is my Uglow U-RAIN HYBRID jacket review.

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Brilliant Ideas Runner Gifts

Bored of the same old runner gifts? These gifts for runners are going to go down a treat.

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Is getting slower normal?

I have been running around my MAF HR only for 5 sessions, but I am already noticing that the times are slower? The first time I tried this, I was averaging

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Moving to running from walking

I have just began using MAF method 2 weeks ago for running but can only walk at my heart rate of 110. I am nearly 70 years old and have ran several half

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Removing the MAF correction factor

Hello I have been running for about 3 years and I did cycle to work most days so I would say that I was reasonably fit. Since lockdown I have not done

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Fasted running

Can I train whilst practicing fasted running? Ie I’m going out early morning, and I’m going straight for a run. I’ll eat when I’m home. What should I then

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Quick running events - regularity

Can I undertake a weekly running event, say, a ParkRun, at flat out speed to break my PB? Or is that a bad idea? How often is a good idea or how often

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How much time to spend running per week

At Maffetone heart rate, to see improvements for an example, you should run two hours and 30 minutes a week in order to see it benefits. Nicole's reply:

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Garmin connect wanting me to add in some high aerobic and anaerobic work

Hello! My wife and I have been trying MAF running for just over a month. We are loving it since your excellent advice to get chest HRM’s! Much more accurate

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3 questions

1. Is the 180-age formula the actual HR I should try to achieve or is it 80% of that figure? 2. Using the above formula is very one size fits all. I have

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When to Resume Running (from walk)

I am just starting MAF training and I'm over 50 and male. I had been running for about 7 years and hit a plateau in my training progress when I read about

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MAF Training PLan

Hello, I am a new runner. I started to run with MAF method. It is a great method and It makes me liked the run more and more. I have two Q: 1. How to

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Knee Problems

I am 55 and have been running long distances for almost all my life. (Approx 40 marathons, 2 ultras) Within the last year,my knees are starting to ache

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