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MAF with non-MAF runs

Hi, I'm 56 and do mainly trail runs with an ave elevation of 1500ft or more. A friend recently introduced me to MAF and I've managed to bring those runs

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Relationship between MAF pace and first threshold

Is there a clear relationship between MAF pace and the 1st threshold on a VO2max test? I've taken some V02max tests through the years, and my most recent

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Recalculate my maf

Hi I’ve been running in my MAF range 115-125 for the last year based on me being 50 and having a knee issue and no medication. However I had a birthday

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MAF Method and Muscle mass

Hi! I appreciate all the information you share here...thank you for that! I've just started to train with MAF method (as good as I understood it's about),

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Sportset Headphones Review

Sportset Headphones in the box

Sportset Headphones Review - I put these open-ear headphones to the test whilst running.

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Return to running after 36 years

I ran from 6th grade all the way through 2 years of college. Once I left school and didn't have a team to run with any longer, I just stopped! I was

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Frequency and Duration of MAF training

Sir, I am a 67 year old male marathon runner. I have been running since the last 6 years but started doing MAF training since the last 3 months. Have

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Recommend a simple reliable heart rate monitor?

I have just retired, at age 67, having walked about 9 miles each day for the last 15 years, as a postman. I last ran more than a mile about 10 years ago.

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I was absolutely amazed to find this website...and then I started reading the article without looking at the title...I kept thinking I've done so many

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Can’t run

Hi, I’m 43, and I have struggled with health, fitness, and weight for my entire adult life. My MAF HR max is 132. I can easily walk under this number

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How to run slowly with good technique

Hi I’m trying to return to a consistent running regime purely as a way of boosting fitness, getting outside in nature and having some headspace. My running

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How fast can I get using MAF

Hi, I started MAF running a few months ago and want to set an ambitious goal for my 10k run. And so I was wondering, how fast can one realistically run

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Covid vaccine and running stamina

Im a 69 year old active lady who last year started running through the Walk To Run program. Although in good shape if still took me many months before

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Do you run all runs at your MAF rate or are there different zones?

I’ve been running at my MAF rate 180-49 = 131 do I keep all my runs at this HR. I run 4 times a week and using this new method post an operation to reduce

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MAF 180 confusion - Can't reach MAF heart rate

I am 60 years old and have regularly cycled for 3 years (3-4 times a week), my MAF HR is 120 and I had an infection earlier this year so deducted 5 then

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