The 50 min rule

by Lakshmi Menon
(Bengaluru India)

I read in one of the articles that keeping my heart rate at the MAF prescribed number for 50 min in a day is really good to build the strength needed and good workout
My question is that should this be in one go or should it be divided across the day.

Nicole's reply
Hi Lakshmi, thanks for the great question.

I haven't heard about the 50 minute rule but I would say that there is no reason why you can't split your runs up during the day. In fact many people do that as it suits their lifestyle and is often the only way that they can get their runs/training in.

However I wouldn't suggest that you train every day as you can still overtrain even with MAF training. You definitely need at a minium one rest day a week. Remember that training = work + rest.

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