Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi, I am a runner and I love running which is why I set up this website. My aim is to help other midlife runners by teaching them, encouraging them and telling them about  methods and products that I have tried and tested.

In all cases I give my honest and unbiased opinion.

Product Reviews Disclaimer

I am an "affiliate" for some of the products that I recommend through this website. 

Throughout my website, I may recommend products that I genuinely believe to be of help and benefit to my readers. If you click a link to that product/service and buy it, I  may stand to earn a small commission. In no way however does it affect the price that the customer pays and in no way does it affect my opinion of the product.

Everything that I recommend on this website is based on what I honestly believe in. I have either bought the products myself or occasionally I may have been offered the product for a small discount from the seller.

You may notice that I recommend quite a few products through Amazon. The reason being is that I personally purchase many of my own products through Amazon and I am happy to recommend them. As an Amazon Associate (affiliate), I earn from qualifying purchases that a visitor might make.

Third Party Sponsor Ads

You may also notice that I have some Google ads on various pages of my site.  I have limited control over what Google chooses to show so I don't personally endorse the products or services that might be shown in these ads. However I do earn a small fee if a visitor clicks on any of the Google ad links.

Please be assured that I am here to give you advice and encouragement so that you can  have fun running.

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