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If you have any running questions, this is where you might find answers to them.

The aim of this page is to be a support to other runners, especially older runners, so please don't be shy about asking a question. All questions are important!

Feel free too to add your comments or suggestions to already asked questions. The more responses there are, the more helpful it can be.

As this page is quite new, I am only just building up the Q&A. There are 2 ways to find what you want on this page. Firstly you can scroll down the list of already asked questions below or secondly you can complete the form underneath and set up a new question.

Ask your running questions

Ask anything you like about running whether it is about running basics, training, running kit or you just need some running advice.

Running Questions asked by others

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Returning to runner @65 
I was forced to stop running @ 55 due to heel bump. I turned to an elliptical. Now @ 65 heel completely healed, can I try running? Nicole's reply: …

Arthritis in big toe 
I have been advised by my podiatrist to get a shoe with less flexible sole as I have arthritis in my big toe. I have been using asics 2000gt for years …

How concerned should I be about the health effects of runner's diarrhea? 
I am a relatively healthy woman in my early 50’s. I have been long-distance running for about 30 years, and I still struggle with runner’s diarrhea. …

Running a Marathon in late 60's? 
I am 69 and a regular runner. I have run 3 Half Marathon this year (PB 2:13:07) plus a number of 10K, 5miles etc. I am really thinking of stepping up to …

I'm finding my long runs hard 
QUESTION: Hi, Thank you for this page! I'm 54 and out of solidarity with my daughter, 24, who is struggling with depression, I signed up for the …

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