It's Never too Late to Start Running 

If you are planning to start running  or are getting back into running as an older runner, you might be feeling a bit daunted and unsure as how to start and even wondering if you can do it.

Well don't worry as I started as an older runner and I've been running for the past 10 years with no plans to give it up. Above all, I'm here to help you.


Whether you are a beginner runner or are returning to running after time off, I will show you the easiest and safest way.

Older Runners are on the Rise

Running is a sport that has exploded over the past few decades and across all age groups, so you are not alone. No longer is it limited to the young fast, twenty year old as the older generation is joining in too.

Once you hit 40, suddenly you may find that you have more time on your hands or you may feel a need to regain a bit of fitness or perhaps get back into the sport which you once got a kick out of. Starting running midlife is on the rise.

However as a wannabe older runner who is rather out of shape in more ways than one, this can be a bit intimidating.

The main problem is that a lot of the running  information and support on the internet is geared to the younger runners who want speed and are generally fitter due to being young.  It is hard to find information for older runners who by just being 'older' have different needs when it comes to recovery, training and diet.

So to help  fill that gap, I created MIDLIFE RUNNING with the intention of showing you that no matter what your age, yes you can run! 

Get Ready to Start Running

Everyone starts running for different reasons - to lose some pounds, run for fun, run to compete, get fitter, to get back into running and so on. Running is a great sport because it is open to EVERYONE of ALL ages, ALL abilities and ALL shapes and sizes.

We all have to start running somewhere so I'll show you the running basics which includes what to wear, how to breath properly, good running posture and how to avoid injuries.

Plus I'll advise you on how to choose running shoes and my favorite running gear plus tips on how to keep motivated.

If you are a beginner, older runner and it all seems a bit overwhelming, I suggest you start by looking at my personal top running tips or how about getting motivated by these fantastic runners stories.

If someone had told me that I'd start running in my late 40's and that 10 years later I would have done a marathon, I would have laughed and balked at the idea. I wasn't sporty at school although I occasionally slipped into a team reserve spot, but that was it. More about me here.

If you've got any ideas that you'd like me to write about then please drop me a line.

Word of Warning - Once You Begin Running, it can become addictive!