UGLOW Clothing Review

If you're looking for a Uglow clothing review, then  find out here if Uglow is for you.

Uglow clothing review

As a runner we are always being confronted and seduced by the latest shoes, clothing, accessories and so on. The current big name brands seem to do rather well with their marketing  techniques as they can afford to, often over hyping some things and being pretty persuasive

But let's be realistic. Not all of us can afford to renew our running jackets or pants every year and with running, especially in races, you want to wear your tried and tested running kit that you know will be comfortable, won't rub or rip and that is going to last more than one season.

How I discovered Uglow

My foray into Uglow running clothing started a couple of years ago when I was looking for a light, reliable, waterproof running jacket for my first ultra marathon.

Uglow URain Hybrid JacketUglow U-Rain Hybrid Jacket

 Being a newbie at that distance I wasn't quite sure what to wear. With a little bit of internet research, I ended up with a Uglow rain hybrid jacket.

Roll on  several months and I have worn that jacket for hundreds of km's through rain, snow and mud. It got me through my first 80km ultra in the worst weather conditions possible and my Uglow rain jacket is still going strong.

Since then I have been a convert and I have been squirreling away a closet full of Uglow running clothing, whenever I can. 

You may be thinking that I am just doing a sales pitch for Uglow. To be honest, they did ask me to be an ambassador after I had written a review of their Rain Jacket but I don't get any commission should you buy any of their products.

I am writing this Uglow clothing review as I truly believe that their running gear is worth promoting.

Uglow philosophy

Uglow is a French brand conceived in 2011 by runners,  so is a bit of a newcomer to the running scene. I live in France so it is spreading here quicker than in other countries however its band of followers worldwide, is certainly on the increase.

The company has an interesting philosophy - quality, comfort, lightweight and practicality. They want you to feel that you are almost running naked, hence  their tag lines:   #runNAKED #liveNAKED  #stitchFREE.

For this reason, the seams on their clothing are heat bonded rather than sewn, most zips have been replaced by magnetic closures  and the material is SO soft and light, that you hardly feel your'e wearing anything.

Uglow clothing review - good and less good

Uglow make products not just for running but also for cycling and for everyday casual wear (think of the casual sporty look).


  • "It's all in the detail" as they say and Uglow certainly have some features that other companies don't have. These include stitch free seams, chaffing free material, funky colors and magnetic closures.
  • The material is SO light and soft and feels ultra comfortable against your skin.
  • No stitch seams means no chaffing. A big plus in long distance running.
  • Great color choices. Bright but not gaudy.
  • Magnetic pockets are easy to open and so accessing your extras is a doddle.
  • Designs are different to the norm, so if you are looking to be individual then try for example the cheese top. It certainly is different.
  • They will do custom designs for clubs and teams.
  • For pack-ability, Uglow is on to a winner. Their clothing is very light and just squeezes down to almost nothing.
  • Uglow clothing lasts well. I've used my kit on road, trails, all weather conditions, hundreds of km's and it's still going strong a year later.

Less good

  • Uglow clothing is quite expensive, being aimed at the top end of the market. They do often have sales so wait for one and get a bargain.
  • Clothing needs to be hand washed. Yes a pain but my husband is learning :). However .... being such light material, it does in fact dry really fast.
  • If you sweat a lot, you might want to pick black shorts (husband's suggestion). A visible,  sweaty crotch is a little unattractive. 

My Uglow clothing review in an nutshell

Uglow T Shirt

I wear Uglow running clothing as it is a bit different, the quality is great, everything is hyper comfortable and I love the material, designs and colors. Simple.

Uglow website

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