Help - Running on the Beach Barefoot vs with Trainers

Hi,I am 70 years old and love being outdoors, my problem is when running barefoot on the beach I feel as though I can run for ever,but when running in joggers (currently Asics Kayano's)I tire really quickly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Nicole"s reply:
Thanks for your question. Firstly I love the fact that you are still running at 70 and that you are enjoying it.

Many people actually find running on the sand harder than on the pavement as running on sand uses up nearly twice as much energy as opposed to running on concrete. This is because the sand is softer and is causing you to use extra muscles and effort to propel yourself forward.

In your case, I wonder if the enjoyment of beach running is partly to do with the freedom and the fresh air (I find nothing beats fresh sea air) and the fact that you are barefoot. Barefoot running gives you the feeling of so much more freedom as opposed to having your feet encased in shoes. Barefoot beach running has big benefits too as it forces you to go naturally slower and at the same time it is strengthening your ankles, toes and foot arches.

I would also look at your Asics trainers and see if they are the right fit for you. Ask yourself if they are comfortable, is the arch too high/low or maybe the inner padding is past its best. If using them on the beach, you might be subconsciously stiffening up and worrying about sand or water getting in them. If using them on the road, may be that the grip/cushioning is past its best or it could be a simple case of adjusting the lacing.

But at the end of the day, if you are used to barefoot beach running and enjoy it, then keep on going!

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