Feeling leg tiredness reducing the length of my runs

by Anon

I have recently started running 3 months ago. I ran a mile a day for 3 weeks mostly everyday, then 1 and half miles for 3 weeks 4 or 5 times es a week. Then I went to 3 to 4 miles. And since then it seems my legs and my fitness doesn't seem to be there, struggling some and not finishing any runs?

Nicole's reply:
Hi, you said that you were new to running and had only been running for 3 months and yet you have been increasing your run length pretty rapidly and running nearly every day.

I would say that you are over doing it which is why you are finding it hard to finish your runs. If you keep going like this, you risk getting injured.

As a suggestion, look on the internet for a couch to 5 km program. This will set you on a good path and help you build up your mileage safely. Remember that to progress you need Training + Rest. Good luck!

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