Aerobic threshold vs MAF Heart Rate

by Gerardo Jimenez
(Madrid, Spain)

Hi, if you know your aerobic threshold, got in a stress test, could you use it as MAF heart rate ? Thanks

Nicole's reply:
Thanks for the question Gerardo. The answer is yes you can. However Phil Maffetone does say that you should have the test done on a regular basis and as your fitness changes and that you should be confident that the test was done in ideal conditions.

You might find this audio interview with Phil Maffetone interesting. It is quite long so I have pulled out a couple of segments that are relevant to your question. Metabolic testing pros and cons

0:37:25 - 0:38:00 The need to get tested regularly
0:53:40 - 0:56:38 Problems of poor testing
0:59:10 - 1:10:05 Analysis of MAF test vs Metabolic test

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