After 6 months MAF , my pace not improve.

by Anas

Hi, I'm 28 years old. Last 6 months ago, i started my MAF training. My pace during that time is 10 and average hr is 146bpm (5Km). Now my pace stand at 8-8.35 with same average bpm. I noticed my pace not improved and some time drop to pace 9 since last month. What should i do to improve my pace at the same time maintain my hr under 150bpm?tq

Nicole's Reply:
Hi Anas, thanks for your question.
What I understand is that over 6 months your pace has improved from 10 mins/km to 8-8:25 mins/km. That is a great improvement and so you are definitely going in the right direction.

If sometimes your pace drops, don't take that necessarily as a negative, especially if it is a one off. Lots of things can affect your pace on the day, such as temperature, sleep, diet, anxiety and so on.

Have you been doing any MAF tests as that will show you if you are making progress? MAF Test. You might actually be surprised at how much progress you really are making.

Also you should look at factors that might be affecting any progress such as your diet, are you getting enough sleep, are you stressed, are you sick and so on. This article is very helpful. Why don't I get faster?.

The other thing to bear in mind is that Phil Maffetone suggests that you do a base period of 4-6 months. If after that period your MAF pace starts to stagnate, then that is the time to add a small amount of speed work. In your case and if you feel that nothing is hindering your progress, try adding a session of speed work once a week and see if that helps to improve things.

I hope that helps and that you will continue to improve :).

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