Average Heart Rate or Peak Heart Rate

by Jax
(South Africa)

My MAF calculation is 146. Does this mean that my average heart rate for the duration of my run needs to be 146 or below? Or does MAF training mean that the highest my heart can go is 146? I have worked out that if I walk when my heart rate hits 150, then start running again when my heart rate is at about 140, then my average works out at about 144/146. Is that ok?


Nicole's reply
Hi Jax, thanks for your question.

Your heart rate should not exceed your maximum MAF heart rate at any time so your second assumption is correct.

If your max MAF heart rate is 146 then you should aim to be in the 136 - 146 rate throughout your run/walk and not any higher. Don't worry if your average HR is below 146 as you will still be getting the benefits.

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