Average MAF HR

by Mark Ryder
(Derby, UK)

Hi, I've been training with MAF for about 2 months now. Seeing significant improvements recently around pace. I run at 126 BPM. My question is whether to do a run at an average MAF HR or to focus on the actual number. I've done a few runs where I've set my watch to show my average HR. This seems to work for me as it stops me looking at my watch every few minutes.

Nicole's reply:
Hi Mark, you should aim to run below your maximum MAF HR and within a 10 beat range. So if your max MAF HR is 126 then you should run between 116 - 126. Anywhere in that range will be beneficial to you. I agree that it can be off putting to be looking at your HR all the time so you seem to have worked out a good system. Alternatively you could set an alarm that warns you when you are say at 124 so you know to be careful.

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