Best Distance MAF For Daily Training?

by Fadhli
(Perlis, Malaysia)

Hi there, im a new in MAF Training Programs, i have been 2 days in MAF Training, this 2 days i have been running about 11 km in average pace 6.45-6.50 min/km ..

1) can i stick with running like this everyday? it good or not? should i increase my distance?
2) can i add a little speed in my last km at end of training to build more speed power?

sorry bad english

Nicole's response:

Hi Fadhli,

1) There is no right 'distance' for MAF training. In fact the more 'time' that you can devote to MAF training, the better. Some people talk about the magic number of a minimum of 7 hours a week which gives them the most improvement. However I think you need to do what suits you and what you are used to so that you avoid over training. Increase your time gradually and always make sure you have adequate rest as well. Some people are able to run daily but others do need complete rest days.

2) As you are just starting out in MAF training I would not add any speed work yet. Spend at least 3 months doing base building i.e. only training at MAF. Once your pace starts to plateau or if you have an important race coming up, then you could start to add a bit of speed work.

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