Break during MAF base building!!

by Karthik
(Mumbai, India)

I started MAF training (aerobic base building) from 1st of Jan 2021. I consistently saw improvement in my average pace from 8 min/km to 6.25 min/km. Took MAF tests every 30 days. I have done 94 days covering 84 hours of MAF running. My plan was to do 100 hours. But due to pandemic and associated lockdown restrictions, I am unable to continue. My pace has more or less reached a plateau. If I stop before finishing the planned number of hours, will it affect the aerobic base built so far? Shall I start anearobic training once the restrictions are eased which may take 3-4 weeks from now or may be more!!

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Karthik S

Nicole's reply:
Hi Karthik, thanks for your question.

You have made great progress so really well done!

Once you have done base building for 3+ months, your MAF test results are continually improving or you have reached a plateau, then that is often the right time to add some speed work.

In your case, I would do a MAF test once you are able to start safely running again. If your MAF results have stayed the same or have improved, then I would consider adding some speedwork. If your results have gone backwards, then carry on with MAF training for another month and then repeat the test.

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