Frequency and Duration of MAF training

by Kiranpal Singh Dhody
(Mumbai, India )

Sir, I am a 67 year old male marathon runner. I have been running since the last 6 years but started doing MAF training since the last 3 months. Have seen slight improvement in my timing from 9:15 min/km to 8:30 min/km at the same average HR of 121 bpm.

My two questions are : How many days a week should we do MAF training ( I have been doing 6 days a week) and
For how much duration/time should we run at a time. ( I have been running from minimum 2hrs to 3-1/2 hrs and one day I did 4-1/2 hrs continuously also)


Nicole's reply:

Hi Kiranpal, thanks for your question.

You seem to have made great improvement in 3 months which is great.

To answer your questions:
How many days a week should we do MAF training ?
That is a difficult question to answer as it really depends on you, what you are capable of, how much time that you have and what your goals are. 3 - 5 days per week seems a common time frame for many people. Remember that you can still over train even when doing MAF training so make sure that you are getting enough rest time and days.

How much duration/time should we run at a time?
Again, the answer is a bit dependant on you and what your goals are. Many people seem to see improvement with their MAF training when they do 7 hours per week or more.

The more time that you can spend at MAF training, the quicker you will see improvement. But remember that there is a line where you can over do it so make sure that rest and recovery are part of your training plan as well. Best of luck!

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