Heart rate goes over MAF when hiking

by Lucy
(United States)

Thanks for your info. I can’t seem to hike without my heart rate getting over the max, the trails can be steep here. Will the hiking over max HR impede my progress with MAF? Am I to give up these weekly excursions?

Nicole's Reply:
Great question Lucy. Ideally during your base phase (ie the period when you are doing just MAF and building your aerobic base), you should aim to not go over your MAF heart rate during your hikes or any other sporting activity. However, having said that, many people do particpate in weekly club runs or group activities (me included), where it is impossible to stay at MAF all the time.

If you could go more gently on your hike then great but if not and it is very important to you, then keep at it. The worst that can happen is that it could slow your MAF progress. However if you see that your MAF pace is not improving then it might be worth reconsidering the hike. Hope that helps

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