How long and often should you carry out using the MAF method

by Douglas Riddick

I began using the MAF method of training on Monday and usually run 3 times per week. I am an active 70 year old man. I have found however that I have to walk about 90% of the time and jog only about 10%.
However, if this continues, then, from the point of view of the long duration of walks, it would seem that I could use the MAF method for a lot longer than an hour and a half each session that I do at present.
Is this correct or should I extend the walking and jogging only at about 10% increase each week?
I am going to try this method over the next few months despite I am sure many frustrations with not running very often.


Nicole's reply:
Hi Douglas, thanks for your question.

It is quite normal to have to do a lot of walking at the beginning of MAF training but over a few months, that should improve.

Regarding the 10% rule, I would think of that as a guideline and it is much more relevant when you are doing more stressful workouts or are training to increase your distance say for a marathon or you are just starting out running or coming back from a long break or injury. Listen to your body and if you feel strong and feel your body can handle a longer walk/run, then go for it. I would suggest that every 3 weeks you have a week where you scale back a bit and allow your body to rest more that week.

Many people find that doing 7 hours of MAF training is when they start to see good progress. Perhaps you could use that as a guide number and aim to reach that if you can. I hope that helps.

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