How often should I run ?

by Jamie
(Germany )

I was running for 5 years on and off, so I’m not really new to it. Usually only 2-3 times per week and then only 5-10km max. I hated it because it was always extremely hard for me like having average heart rates of 190 and up. Now starting maf. How often should I run and how long? I’ve done it now for 3 runs and always felt like I could go further. Had to walk like 50% of the time and taking forever but I really want this to work. Is bumping it up to 5-6 times per week and doing 60mins each to much? Should I just give it a try and see if my body is fine with that? 😂

Nicole's response:
Hi Jamie, thanks for the question. Like all training and including MAF, you can overdo it if you don't do it right. People often don't think that you can over-train when MAF training, but it is possible.

What I would suggest is that you increase the amount of time that you run by about 10% a week and then every 3 weeks you have a lighter week of running 75% of what you ran the week before.

So in your case let's say that you are currently running 3 times a week for 45-60 minutes each time. Next week you could add 5 minutes to one of your runs and then the following week add another 5 minutes and again for week 3. On week 4 you would then run a lower mileage week to give your body a rest. Then you could think about adding an extra short run so as you have 4 runs a week. Of course if time doesn't allow then stick with your 3 runs. Aim to eventually get to around 7 hours a week in total.
I hope that helps and best of luck!

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