Is walking ok?

by Laura

Hi There, I've just started MAF training about 3 weeks ago. I'm 40 and only took up running about a year ago starting with the Couch to 5k program. I loved it so much I then carried on to do 10k but then hit a plateau and couldn't get any further. I read about MAF and decided to give it a go. I did my first test 3 weeks ago and was very slow and had to walk a lot! My average pace was 8'13/KM (up to now for 5km it's been about 5'51km). Even after 3 weeks, I can already feel an improvement as in I am able to run further without having to stop and walk, although I still seem to walk a lot, my question is will this get any better or will I always be doing a run/walk rather than just continuous running? My goal is a half marathon and then a full.

Nicole's reply:
Hi Laura, thanks for the question.

8'13"/km is actually pretty good for most people starting out doing MAF training :). It seems like you are progressing well and I am sure that you will find that before long and as your aerobic system improves, you will be able to run most of your runs. However, there is nothing wrong with walking at times and in fact even after years of MAF training, I still have to walk hills if I want to keep my HR within my MAF range.

As a side note, MAF training is generally for training. When you do come to run a half or full marathon, you don't need to run it at your MAF heart rate.

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