MAF cardio inbetween strength training days

by Chris

I enjoy 3 day a week strength training. I'd like to incorporate some MAF cardio on my "off" days, shooting for 3 days per week. With no specific competition goals in mind and having a rower, treadmill and airbike at my disposal is 30 minutes a good target to see some health benefits from this style of training?

Nicole's reply
Hi Chris, thanks for the question.
The more you can train at your MAF heart rate the better. However don't don't ramp up the hours too quickly as that could lead to injury.

Lots of people feel that they see real progress at around 7 hours week but for many people that is too big a chunk of their week. Doing something is better than nothing and you need to do what suits you and what fits into your lifestyle.

Have a look at the link as it might help you.
How much do I need to train to reach my ideal aerobic capacity?

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