MAF Method and Muscle mass

by Mayra


I appreciate all the information you share here...thank you for that!

I've just started to train with MAF method (as good as I understood it's about), and I'm concerned about my muscle mass... I'm a 50 years old female, at post menopausal stage (with all that means), I've suffered from covid at least 3 times the past year (nothing serious, but ajá), I've been keto for 3 years and I've been training weight lifting for 1 year to improve my body composition... I'm afraid that by stopping all my weight lifting training for 4-6 months, my muscles will end like a gelatine toy... and...I'm decided to try it anyway, but I want to be prepared... What are your thoughts about this topic please?

and thank you!!

Nicole's reply:
Hi Mayra, thanks for your question.
I agree that as we age, loss of muscle mass can become a problem. However, doing MAF training doesn't mean that you have to give up weight training. You just have to go about it in a slightly different way. Phil Maffetone refers to this as slow weights.

Quote from Phil Maffetone:
A separate muscle issue is strength. Traditional weight-lifting routines can often diminish aerobic function, impair gait, and reduce endurance, leading to sub-par economy and slower times. Instead, rely on workouts like my slow weights plan that don’t produce significant fatigue. Such a weight-lifting routine can strengthen without impairing the aerobic system or adding extra bulk (that extra weight can slow you down, too!).

You might also find these links useful:
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Getting Strong the Slow Weights Way:
'Slow Weights' Concept with Phil Maffetone. The part that focuses on slow weights starts at 35:00.

I hope that helps.

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