MAF Repeats

by Brent
(Argyle, TX)


I started my MAF training 6 weeks ago. AND, started eating better. My runs are agonizingly slow. A way I've sped up is to run until I reach my max aerobic heart rate, or just below, then walk until my heart rate gets to the bottom of my zone, then run again, repeating the process. I find when doing this I can run faster when I'm running. Usually I run 20-40 seconds at a time, then walk 30 seconds or so. It's much more enjoyable doing it this way, but am I still gaining the benefits as if I was running most of the time?


Nicole's reply:
Hi Brent, thanks for the question.

I think all MAF'ers will sympathise with you when you feel your runs are slow but rest assured, you are definitely getting the benefits of MAF training with your run/walk strategy. Most people start of this way anyway as their aerobic base tends to be quite weak and so they are forced to walk at times.

Keep at it and you'll soon find that your run segment gets longer and your walk segment gets shorter :).

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