MAF running and cycling

by Dirk Van de Heyning
(Fuengirola Spain )

I am Dirk from Spain and doing MAF for running and cycling(6months)
I am 58 and set my MAF after a year of injury free training at 127
I am nearly at the end of a 3 month trainingblock where I run 50K and cycle 250K per week. I maybe accidentally go over my MAF for a few seconds but not more. My avg hr running is 125 and at cycling 110-115.
I cycle at MAF-15 or so because it feels hard enough on my muscles.
Is this ok or should I push a little?

Nicole's reply:
Hi Dirk, thanks for the question.
I am not a cyclist but I have seen this question asked often on forums.

What I understand is that it is much harder to reach the same MAF heart rate whilst cycling as opposed to running. If it feels hard on your muscles then it probably is too hard and so it is good that you are cycling at a lower MAF HR. In fact most cyclists seem to say that they are comfortable cycling 10-15 beats below their MAF heart rate.

Phil Maffetone has mentioned doing aerobic intervals if you want to try and hit your maximum MAF HR for short periods when your rate of perceived exertion is high. Others manage to get to their maximum MAF heart rate by increasing their cadence, hills or cycling out of the saddle. You might find this article interesting. Phil Maffetone: Ex-Hill-Arating-Workout (scroll to the bottom of the page for an aerobic interval session on the bike).

Also remember that your MAF heart rate is a ceiling and it doesn't mean you have to be right at that ceiling in order to reap the benefits. I hope that helps.

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