MAF to avoid injuries

by Mick

Hi i'm a 46 yo Soldier (26yr vet), and have suffered so many setbacks through injury either gym or running (tendonitis mainly). I have completely revised my training program using only resistance bands, suspension trainer, swimming and MAF.
I have been MAFing for five weeks where I started 2 x 90 min runs pw. The last 3 weeks have been 2hr runs 3 times per week with 1 hour of swimming (breastroke atm due to a frozen shoulder), resistance bands and calisthenics.
My run times have improved at a 134 HR Ave from 7:19 p/km to 6:30 p/km with a 30 sec drop in the last week. My goal is 5:00 or under by November.
My question is before I started MAF I could run a 9:30 (4min p/km) 2.4km (mile and a half), Could MAF have a drastic effect on this as id like to run 8:00 to 8:30 - (3:20 - 3:25 p/km), and how to I calculate my threshold and max effort times based on MAF times to gauge this, noting I dont want to risk injury by breaking my base training for speed work?

Nicole's reply
Hi Mick, thanks for your question.
Sorry that you have had to deal with so many injuries as I know how frustrating it can be.

Since you are relatively new to MAF and you are still injured, I would concentrate purely on keeping within your MAF zone for now and that includes with swimming and other cross training. Did you take account of your injuries when calculating your MAF heart rate? The other thing to note, is that you can still get injured doing MAF training. If you do anything in excess then that could be counterproductive.

Generally you should do a MAF base building period of 4 - 6 months and then if you have been improving but then reach a plateau in your MAF tests, then you could introduce a bit of speed work. Phil Maffetone recommends no more than 20% of weekly running should be anaerobic. This combination of MAF training and sprinkled in speed work could get you to the paces that you are hoping to achieve. You might find this article useful. Secrets of Speed - Phil Maffetone.

As far as working out your threshold and max effort times, have a look at Matt Fitzgerald 80/20 running.

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