Maf Training and Medication

by Hadyn

Hi I am starting the Maf training after running for a year normally at max HR which i should not have done really but why do we have to subtract 10 for medication when I don't feel that the medication would alter anything?

Nicole's reply:
Hi Hadyn, thanks for the great question. If you read the big yellow book, Phil Maffetone suggests that if you are on medication then your body is not 100% healthy and so for this reason you should subtract 10 beats. However consistent MAF training and healthy diet changes can have significant positive effects on your health and so in some cases it might mean that you can reduce or come off medication.

Here is a really interesting podcast with Phil Maffetone which I think will answer your question. Listen to section 13:15 - 21:05.
Dr. Phil Maffetone: How to Add Beats to Your MAF Heart Rate, and Adjustments to the 180 Formula

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