MAF Training Diet

by Elaine
(New York)

Hi Nicole,

Do I have to watch my carbs intake with MAF training method? I started MAF training method a couple of months ago for 5 training sessions then I got sidetracked with doing my long runs, where I didn't want to take too long to finish so I ran at my normal pace which is about 2 minutes faster. I'm planning to train for my long runs with MAF or slow pace again until my NYC Marathon in November, 1) to build endurance 2) to avoid injuries 3) to train my body to burn fat.



Nicole's Reply
Thanks for the question Elaine. MAF training and following a low carb high fat (LCHF) don't have to be done together but following a LCHF diet certainly does compliment MAF training. I think the key is to find what is the right amount of carbs for YOU. Too many carbs and you'll feel jittery or sluggish and too few carbs, you'll lack energy.
I struggled going very low so now I try and eat healthily (preparing most meals from fresh) and I eliminate as much sugar as possible. I no longer count carbs but go by how I feel.
To train your body to burn fat, try and do some of your runs fasted. If you are doing a long run, the day before make sure to ingest slow release carbs such as berries, oatmeal, sweet potato, lentils etc. The more you practice it and the more you eat healthily in general, the quicker your body will become more adept at burning fats. Have a look at the MAF website as there are lots of good recipes there to start you off. Good luck with your training :-).

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