MAF Training PLan

by Asmaa Moaz


I am a new runner. I started to run with MAF method. It is a great method and It makes me liked the run more and more.
I have two Q:
1. How to plan for my week. If the target to run 10 Km within two months.
2. Is there speed or interval with MAF. I think the answer is no. So the plan will be just based on MAF and run at HR of (180-my age) ??

Thank you

Nicole's Reply:
Hi Asmaa, thanks for the question. I'm glad you are enjoying your MAF training.

1.There are no specific MAF training plans. If you want a training plan for a 10k, the best thing you can do is to find a 10k training plan that is time based and then run all the runs at your MAF pace. Alternatively, you could forget about a plan but aim to gradually increase your time running until you are running up to 4-5 times a week and try and have one day per week doing a longer run of up to 1h30.

2. You are right in that there are no speed/intervals with MAF so all your runs should be within your MAF range. However, if you wish you could add in a couple of strides at the end of a run (7 seconds at near max pace). I personally find doing strides a real help in keeping my speed up.
I hope that helps and good luck with your 10k.

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