MAF training vs Vo2 max

by Ikmal
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

I’ve been running more than 6 months without look rule MAF, always running at HR and pace above the MAF but VO2max result of around 43., now I’m trying MAF training around 1 month but the VO2Max results on my watch shown a drop to 38 only, is this normal? or any suggestions for my training?

Nicole's Reply:
Hi Ikmal, thank you for your question.

It is perfectly normal to see your VO2 max drop when you are training using the MAF method. Your watch 'estimates' your VO2 max using an algorithm which is based on heart rate and pace. Since you are running at your MAF HR and a slower pace, the algorithm thinks your performance has declined. As soon as you start doing any speed work again, you will find that your VO2 max 'estimate' on your watch improves.

As for tips on training, read up as much as you can about MAF training and then commit to the process. Some people see rapid progress and for others it takes months. The best way to see if you are making progress is to do the MAF test every 4-6 weeks. Here's how to do the MAF Test.
I hope that helps.

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