MAF training

by Lucy
(Boulder CO)

Just started the MAF training. In your experience, how long did it take you before you could run consistently without walking? I need some encouragement! I’m on week 7 and still jog /walking. Thanks,

Nicole's Reply:

Hi Lucy,
Great Question. From my experience and from hearing what others say, it really can vary. To give you hope, for me, it took 3 months before I started to see wee signs of improvement and then things progressed slowly but steadily after that. I live in a hilly area so I had to walk the hills for at least a year, in fact I still have to walk on a lot of them.
In the early days, like you, I was frustrated and I nearly gave up and it was disheartening to hear about people who progressed really quickly. However I started to realise that I was no longer injured, I didn't come home exhausted after runs and and I had started to enjoy them.
7 weeks is not long in terms of MAF training. I would say give it at least 3 months and then do a MAF test. You might be surprised at your progress! Do let me know how you get on and I hope that helps.

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Feb 09, 2020
How slow is slow?
by: Pedro

Hi, I’m on my first month of MAF training. I have been improving but still on a walk/jog pace. I find myself trying to speed up, do stop at my heart rate limit. My question is should lower my pace more so that I can jog longer? I’m current jogging at a 8:30-8:45 which is my target pace for a 5k. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Feb 10, 2020

by: Nicole

Hi Pedro, if you find that you are having to walk it means that you are probably exceeding your MAF limit and aerobic capabilities. I would be tempted to slow down so that you can jog as much as possible.

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