MAF Warm up Question

by Deb

I am about 4 weeks into MAF training and am still doing lots of walking to keep under my MAF H/R which I have calculated to be 136 ( I am 49 and no injuries or illness) and am seeing some slow improvement which is heartening and encouraging. However, I am finding that after as little just 5 mins from walking out the front door at an ave pace 9.37min/km, my heart rate is going over the target rate. I really cant go anymore slowly than that without just walking! My average resting H/R is 56 to 57 as measured by my Garmin forerunner 30 (not sure if that is relevant but thought I would add it in anyway!). So my question is, how do I a warm up? If I even should at this stage? Should I just purely walk for 10 mins? Or should I just forgo the idea of a warm up for now until I have got better at the MAF H/R in a few weeks/ months time?

Thanks so much for the opportunity to pick your brains about this. I run on my own and know no other runners.
Kindest regards, Deb

Nicole's reply
Hi Deb, thanks for your question.
The warm up is a really important part of MAF training. Phil Maffetone: Benefits of warm up and cool down
Ideally your warm up should be 15 minutes and it doesn't need to be done all at a running pace. In fact it is far better to start at a walk and build up gradually until you reach your MAF heart rate zone. By doing it this way you will probably find that you can hold your MAF HR much better and with less spikes. So start with 5 minutes walking, gradually building up the walk to a brisk walk, but all the time keeping about 15 - 20 beats below your max MAF heart rate. Try to relax and concentrate on nice even breathing. Then over the next 10 minutes pick up the pace a bit (which may still be a walk) and gradually ease into the pace that allows you to stay within 10 beats of your max MAF HR. I hope that helps.

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