Moving to running from walking

by Dougs

I have just began using MAF method 2 weeks ago for running but can only walk at my heart rate of 110. I am nearly 70 years old and have ran several half marathons and 3 marathons, however, I was losing enjoyment in running and thought using this method would relaunch my running interest. How long do you think it would take to return to running at my MAF heart rate instead of constantly walking.

Nicole's reply:
Hi Dougs, thanks for the question.

Some people make rapid progress within weeks and for others it takes much longer, maybe a few months. It all depends on what state your aerobic system and physical and mental health is in when you start.

You need to give yourself at least 4 - 6 months of just building your aerobic base. The more hours you can put in a week (aim for 7), the faster you will improve.

You mentioned that you are nearly 70, well the good news is that if you are in good health then you could add on 5 - 10 beats.


The MAF 180 Formula may need to be further individualized for athletes over the age of 65. For some, up to 10 beats may have to be added for those only in category (d) of the Formula. This does not mean 10 should automatically be added, but that an honest self-assessment be made.

More info here: Phil Maffetone - 180 Formula

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