Other activities whilst MAF training

by Steven

Hi, I am looking to race 5km in a few months time and I have been doing the MAF running in preparation for the races. But I also do boxing circuits 3 times a week alongside my running. My heart rate during parts of the boxing sessions exceeds my MAF heart rate. will this effect my MAF running training?

Nicole's reply
Hi Steven, thanks for your great question.
Phil Mafettone suggests doing a base building period of 3 – 6 months per year, whereby you do all activities at MAF whether it is running, boxing, swimming and so on. After that and only when you have seen improvement which is starting to plateau, can you introduce some anaerobic sessions. If you introduce anaerobic exercise during the base period, this could have an adverse effect on your aerobic progress.
Once you start to introduce some anaerobic exercise it should be in the ratio of 80% aerobic/20% anaerobic exercise per week. I don't know how long you have been MAF training so perhaps you are fine to do some boxing circuits that take you over MAF HR for short periods of time.

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