Quick running events - regularity

by Ross

Can I undertake a weekly running event, say, a ParkRun, at flat out speed to break my PB? Or is that a bad idea? How often is a good idea or how often could I do, say, a ParkRun event?

Nicole's reply:
Hi Ross, it is always a good idea each year to do a block of MAF base training. That might be 3 - 4 months of purely MAF training (no speedwork) and many people choose to do that when there are no races going on. During that base building time, you should aim not to do any speed work but just concentrate on improving your MAF pace.

After that base building period, you could introduce some speedwork but ideally not more than 20% of your weekly running time. That is when you might consider doing a weekly ParkRun. Hopefully too you will get a PB :).

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