Recalculate my maf

by Jayne
(Essex, England )

Hi I’ve been running in my MAF range 115-125 for the last year based on me being 50 and having a knee issue and no medication. However I had a birthday last month and was also put on statins. So do I need to now take off an extra 10 for being on medication? Even though I’ve been running in maf for the last year and regularly running 3-4 times a week 2 years prior to that.

Nicole's reply:
Hi Jayne, thanks for the question.

You did right by taking off beats for having a knee issue. You could add those beats back in once your knee issue is fully resolved and you have been injury free for at least a year, preferably 2 years. 180 Formula.

Regarding Statins, although they don't necessarily affect your heart rate, there are some that can affect your muscle function which could predispose you to injury. This means that it might be wise to take off 10 beats, at least to begin with. After 6 months and assuming you have no injury or illness, you could try adding in 5 beats and then reassess after another 6 months.

I always think that if in doubt, it is much better to err on the cautious side and keep your HR lower. You might find this link interesting. Exercise and Medication: Why It’s Important to Adjust Your Training Heart Rate

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