Removing the MAF correction factor

by Neil
(Tamworth, UK)

I have been running for about 3 years and I did cycle to work most days so I would say that I was reasonably fit. Since lockdown I have not done as much cycling and I recently had sore Achilles tendon so I have lay off running and only managed about 5-10k a week. Just started the MAF training and since I have had a slight lay off I took 5 off my MAF value (I'm 47 so my max is now 128). What I would like to ask is when can I remove this correction factor and run at 133? If I do this will the previous result be comparable?
Thanks, love the website. :)

Nicole's reply:
Hi Neil, thanks for the question.

I would not rush back into adding the 5 beats. Because you have had an injury which is quite recent, I would certainly only stick to MAF-5 for at least 4-6 months. After that time and only if you see continuous improvement in your MAF pace and you have zero injuries, niggles or health issues, then you might consider adding back the beats. I even think that in the book it might say to wait up to 2 years. Some people never put the beats back in and it means that when their birthday comes round, they don't have to change their MAF HR :).

Regarding MAF test results, you should always compare like with like. This means your results won't be totally comparable if you add the beats back in.

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