by Fred Share

I have always had to run/jog/power-walk during my soldiering career wearing the standard issued military kit.
On discharge I sort of continued in the habit of jogging here, there and everywhere. I've entered numerous half's, 10 milers and shorter runs and always felt that I had something more to give even after my half marathons.
So in 2009 I registered for the chance to run the London marathon and I was one of the lucky few. So in 2010, to celebrate my 60th year, I ran/power-walked the London in 4:59:16.
Since then I have entered marathons in Brighton, Paris x 2 and Berlin x 4 as well as another 4 London's.
I have always thought that I would live and run forever but someone else knows something that I don't.
Hamstring and knee problems have been bugging me for a few years now. The NHS and GP have been really good and have helped me carry on doing what I like doing the most.
This year, I'm registered for the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon and I'm looking forward to the October ballot draw for London 2018. Best wishes to everyone and stay injury free. Fred


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Aug 03, 2017
Impressive marathon list!
by: Nicole

Is that 12 marathons over 8 years?! Very impressive Fred. I hope that the hamstring and knee problems get sorted and best of luck with your future marathons.

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