Running a marathon at maf

by Wes

I am running the London Marathon in April. I’m just wondering if I should run the marathon at my MAF or maybe slightly lower?

Nicole's Reply:
Hi Wes, great question.
How your run the marathon depends on several factors. As you are still a few months off from your marathon, I would ask yourself several questions nearer the time. For instance: Have you built up a good aerobic base using MAF training and have you put in the time during training in order to run a marathon? Is this your first marathon? What is your goal - to finish feeling good no matter the time or have you a time goal?
Some people will run the marathon and forget about MAF HR on the day. Others will run at MAF just to get round as comfortably as possible and others will add 15 beats (which is what Phil Maffetone suggests as feasible). Your decision will come down to what you are trying to achieve and how training goes. Hope it all goes well and let me know how you get on :).

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