Slowing speed

by Kamal
(India )

I’m into the second week of MAF & my speed is going down continuously though I have stabilised more into my heart rate of 132. During initial run my heart rate would spike up too quickly & I would have to walk. Am I in the right direction?

Nicole's reply:
Hi Kamal, it can be quite normal that your body takes time to adjust to running at a lower heart rate and a lower speed compared to what you have been used to. You have only been running at MAF for less than 2 weeks so it is early days and there is always a period of adjustment, both mentally and physically. I wouldn't worry for now but if your speed continues to fall over the next couple of weeks, you should look at factors such as: are you getting enough sleep, has your cadence changed, could your running form be improved, are you stressed or not eating well, and so on. So keep on doing what you are doing and hopefully over the next few weeks you will start to see your pace pick up.

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Sep 01, 2019
by: Anonymous

Thanks Nicole for your response.

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