Starting Running at 70

by Sylvia Endacott
(Bognor regis UK)

At the age of 69 I joined the gym and then ultimately decided to try the local 5k park run. I have now joined a local running group. It is not easy, but due to injury I am currently marshalling at the Parkrun and the Junior Parkrun. What is great, is the encouragement from 'those much younger'. I am struggling and have not yet achieved a 5k run - managed the route in 51 mins, run and walking. But fully enjoy the atmosphere.

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Jun 12, 2017
You are an inspiration Sylvia!
by: Nicole

Sylvia you are a total inspiration and I so hope I am still running at your age :). Very well done for doing a 5km - walk/run is a really good solution whilst you are building up the stamina. I hope that your injury heals soon as it can be frustrating sitting on the sidelines.

Jul 19, 2018
Running at 69
by: Janet

Been doing Couch to 5K for 2 weeks, never having run before. I can't believe how much I love it.

Aug 26, 2018
New Runner aged 72 !
by: Derek

I was overweight and needed to lose 2 stone. I went on a diet and started on the C25K about 3 months ago. When I started I found it difficult to run for one minute. Last week and ran 3.2 miles in about 35 minutes. My target is 5k in under 30 mins.
Oh, I have lost the 2 stones!

Jan 06, 2019
Started running at 71
by: Carole

After being told I was pre diabetic I decided to start running with my GPs approval. After about 4 months gradually building distance I have now managed 6 miles (don't do kilometres!) Really enjoy the running, I live in the countryside so I enjoy the scenery as well. I'll never compete because I want to just experience the feeling without any pressure

Apr 14, 2019
Still running at 74
by: Wayne

I first donned running shoes at 70 years . I was always in a good physical shape after riding and walking trails. But this was a total new challenge for me !! . My first jog was a 5 min one and it took 30 mins to recover . So I decided to change strategy and adopt a sensible approach by running for 2 mins then walking 2 mins at first 2x per week .then over 2 months increased to 3x per week at run for 5 mins and walk 1 min . My fitness level then started to improve dramatically . But the whole secret to this is to listen to your body and take adequate recovery where you need ie days off when sore . Remember anyone with motivation can improve your fitness . I can now run 3 x 5km ( 3 x 3.1 miles ) per week with relative ease as well as cycling or hiking for another 2 days per week . I have now joined a weekly time trial club to increase distance and aim for a 10km run soon . I am now addicted to keeping fit and certainly am stronger and fitter than I was at 60

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