Taking gels during marathons for MAF converts ?

by Tan

Hi, thanks for creating a wonderful page.
I was wondering, after you build up a good base doing MAF and have good fat burning ability, does taking gels during a marathon impair your performance ?

Nicole's reply:
Hi Tan, that is a great question. MAF training along with a low carb high fat diet, trains your body to rely more on fat for energy so that you can delay using your vital glycogen stores. However, your body still needs carbs for energy and proper brain function and especially when racing.
If you are fat adapted, during the marathon your body can delay tapping into your vital glycogen stores so it may mean you need to ingest fewer carbs than someone who is carb dependant. The exact amount of carbs you will need during the marathon is individual and there are calculators online. It is really important that you practice your nutrition during training.
During the marathon consider carbs that don't spike your blood sugar and don't cause nausea.
I have done a few marathons and my favorite product is Tailwind Nutrition which doesn't cause blood sugar spikes. However I do also carry with me a couple of gel bars for the last 10 km of the marathon (just in case).

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