Thalassemia and heart rate

by Chip Hansen
(Kalamazoo, MI)

58 year old male, how do I adjust my MAF with a blood disorder? I’ve run 17 marathons and over 100 half marathons. I wanted to give this type of training a try. I have a new job that I am on my feet for 45-50 hours a week. Still enjoying running but like the idea of slowing down the pace!

Nicole's reply:
Hi Chip, thanks for your question. The fact that you have thalassemia does not seem to be holding you back judging by how many marathons and half marathons that you've done!

There is no reason why you should't try MAF training (assuming your doctor has given you the go ahead), but the key is to get the correct MAF heart rate training zone. Have a look at the following link as that details how to calculate your correct zone. 180 Formula. If in doubt about how many beats to remove, definitely err on the side of caution and do regular MAF tests to see how you are progressing. Don't forget also that the stress of a busy job and home life can affect your MAF progress so make sure that you get plenty of rest too. Best of luck :-).

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