Training Plan Recommendation

by Ameer hamza
(Karachi, Pakistan)


Im on my third month following the maf method. I would really appreciate if there is a training plan you can suggest as its helpful following a plan than making your own. I have just started to see benefits from it as i can now jog a little more before taking walk breaks. The weather doesnt help as its not almost summers with 34c and very humid all the time. But for now im still terribly slow at 9.30m/km. My target is to be able to run a 5k comfortably as running has always been a challenge for me.


Nicole's reply:
Hi Ameer, thank you for your question.
As far as I know, there are no specific MAF training plans. What a lot of people do though, is to find a time based training plan for their chosen distance and ability and do all the runs at MAF. Unfortunately there are not that many purely time based training plans on the internet so you could take a distance based plan (of which there are many) and just run the proposed distance but all at MAF.
You will probably find that most of the beginner 5K plans have the same kind of feel i.e. 3-4 runs per week of which 2-3 runs might be under an hour plus one slightly longer run once a week. Each week, the longer run might increase by 5 mins and then every 3 weeks, there is a calmer week with sightly less running in order to give your body time to recover.
I hope that helps and good luck with your 5K :).

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