Weight lifting

by Mike
(St. Louis, Mo)

Can you incorporate a weight lifting routine while training according to MAF?

Nicole's reply:
Hi Mike, thanks for you question.
Strength training is an important part of running training and many people ask a similar question.

Quote from Phil Maffetone:
A separate muscle issue is strength. Traditional weight-lifting routines can often diminish aerobic function, impair gait, and reduce endurance, leading to sub-par economy and slower times. Instead, rely on workouts like my slow weights plan that don’t produce significant fatigue. Such a weight-lifting routine can strengthen without impairing the aerobic system or adding extra bulk (that extra weight can slow you down, too!).

Basically he is not saying that you can't weight lift but that you can weight lift if you go about it in a smart way and a way that doesn't induce over-fatigue. You might find this podcast useful. The part that focuses on slow weights starts at 35:00. 'Slow Weights' Concept with Phil Maffetone

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