Stretching Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitis

Specific exercises for plantar fasciitis helped me a lot when I was suffering.

If you have developed  plantar fasciitis, it is very difficult to ignore. Getting out of bed, walking round the house, walking  at work, in fact every step that you take are all constant reminders that you have a sore heel.

Keep calm though as there are ways that you can get your plantar fascia healed as quickly as possible and stretching exercises is one of them.

This is what I recommend or at least what I did when suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. The exercises really don't take long and you can do them whilst waiting for the kettle to boil ;).

1. Calf wall stretches x 3 sets - morning, noon and night.

2. Calf and plantar fascia step stretch x 4 sets - morning, noon and night.

Calf Stretching Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

It might seem odd to be stretching your calf when you have a sore foot but often tight calves contribute to injuries further down the leg such as your ankle and foot.

Try these 2 stretching exercises for plantar fasciitis:

1. Calf Wall Stretch

  1. Stand facing a wall and position your toes about about arms distance from the wall.
  2. Move your left foot forward and place it on the floor. Your left heel should be about 6 inches in front of your right toes.  
  3. With your hands on the wall in front and at shoulder height, slowly bend your left knee forward whilst keeping your right leg straight and your right heel on the ground. You will feel a stretch in the back of your right leg from the knee, down the calf and down to your Achilles.
  4. Hold that stretch for 30 seconds then relax and give your legs a good shake. Repeat the stretch 3 times then do it on the right leg. Do these sets of 3, morning, noon and night.

As well as the straight leg  stretch above, you can also do the stretch with the behind knee slightly bent. You will notice more of a pull in your Achilles when doing it this way.

2. Calf and Plantar Fascia Step Stretch

  1. Put on your trainers for this exercise as bare feet might get sore and you could do more damage.
  2. Stand on the bottom step of a set of stairs. You could also stand on a box or a big fat book. I find stairs easiest as there is usually a wall and/or banister to hold on to.
  3. Place your toes on the edge of the step and hold onto the wall or banister for balance.
  4. Very slowly (no rushing), lower your heels below the top of the step. You will feel a pull in your calves, Achilles and the arch of your foot.
  5. Hold this position for 15 seconds and then gently bring your heels up the the height of the step again. Repeat this exercise 4 times, morning, noon and night. 

Doing exercises for plantar fasciitis may be all that you need to do to stop it in its tracks. However the exercises are most effective if combined with these plantar fasciitis  self treat remedies which you can do yourself at home.

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