Heart rate too low?

by Teddy
(New York )

My heart rate at 8 min miles is 130, I am 35 so is should run at 145 in theory. That would mean about 7:30/7:20 for me. My coach says this is too fast for easy runs and will damage my legs if I do too many miles at this pace. What do you recommend?

Nicole's Reply:
Hi Teddy, thanks for the question. First off, lucky you as you may well already have a very developed aerobic system without realising it. Your coach is probably right in that if it feels too fast for easy runs then you should dial the pace back. Although Phil Maffetone recommends to run at or just lower than your MAF HR (135-145 in your case), it is still OK to go lower. This article might be of help to you
Running at my MAF pace feels too fast

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