Never Got to Run Before

by Corinna
(Shelton, WA)

resolution run

resolution run

When I was little I had a rapid heart problem by the name of WPW. My heart rate would literally jump from 78 to over 200 and I'd pass out. So, no PE, no hard playing, and running. I also have severe hearing issues so I wear aids. Being outside if it was wet or windy was totally avoided as you know, electricity and water don't mix.

When I turned 18 I had surgery to eliminate the problem but never really thought much past it. I was thin, I was active and I could live. I had three kids, worked and found out I was going blind.

After my 40s hit and my body decided to seek revenge for all the things I've done in my 20s and 30s, I had stem cell surgery and cataract surgery to help my eyes. Over 8 surgeries on my body total before 40. I had gained weight, ankles were hurting, knees, high blood pressure and I thought with my vision improved I wanted to really experience life.

So, I took up running.

I do the C25 program and week 1 I LOVED it. I had never done anything like it before and thought I was going to die.

I made it up to week 4 when an ankle injury put me down for a bit.

Then we moved back to Washington.....wet Washington

Now a days I'm walking. Getting my ankles healed enough to begin my C25 program again. Once I make it, I'm going to begin a run a month before my impending blindness prevents me from doing so. I wear earbuds in my ears (and not my hearing aids) so it's a place just for me. My time. I make it a point to get out every day...10,000 steps or bust. even in the rain.

So far I've done the Color Run, the Bay to Breakers Run, and a couple of New Year Resolutions Runs. My girls try to run with me if they can. I'd like to think I inspire them. I love it. I love the way it makes me feel and wish I could've felt this good in my 20s.

But next year...I'm hoping for a Rock n Roll run, Disney Run and so many more. I do it for me.

**you can edit this...I tend to write like I think - scattered! LOL**

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Jun 16, 2017
You are a real inspiration
by: Nicole

Hi Corrina, it was such a privilege to read your story. You have gone through so much but yet you have such a fighting spirit which I really admire. I laughed when you said how you loved your run but also felt like you were going to die - I know that feeling well!
I am so glad that running has given you a sense of well-being and enjoyment and long may it continue. Your post is going to inspire a lot of people who are struggling to get started for whatever reason. Thanks for sharing :)
PS I didn't edit a thing. It was perfect as you wrote it :)

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